Most choose of the solid dosage form for antacid is chewable tablet. Generally, antacids has a big dose, and it is difficult to be directly swallowed and acid neutralizing antacid it would be better if chewed first. Chewable tablet was design to crush immediately in mouth using teeth (chewed), has a good residual taste, easy to swallow, and not leave a bitter taste or unpleasant taste.

Almost invariably, the formulation problem involves at least one of the following : undesirable taste, bad mouth-feel, or after taste. The desired product shloud prevent or minimize stimulation of the taste buds, contain a suitable flavor and sweetener, and achieve good mouth-feel and compressibility. Coating by wet granulation techniques are used to slove one or more of the above.

Chewable tablet contain Famotidine, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Hydroxide were prepared by wet granulation. There are problems to be considerated to manufacturing this chewable tablets. Antacid chewable tablet usually was unprescription drug (Over The Counter), so people can buy this product in supermarket or pharmacy. Because it’s an OTC product, the price should not be too expensive (reachable by the common society).

Famotidine has a bitter taste. One way to cover this problems is by coat the active ingredient using coating agent which has a big capablity to mask taste and can improve the solubility of certain drugs. Beta cyclodextrin is one the material which has those capability.

Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Hydroxide were metallic and has undesirable taste (chalky and gritty). To cover this problem, mannitol can be choosen as diluent which can give soothing and cooling sensation. Mannitol has a low moisture content, is nonhygroscopic, these properties combined with those related to sweetness and mouth-feel, represent significant advantages for the formulation of chewable tablets.

The organoleptic considerations was important to produce desired products. Including, color, odor, taste, aftertaste, mouth feel and chewebility. Colorant in manufacture of chewable tablets for the following reason :
  • To increase aesthethic appeal to the consumer
  • To aid in product identification and differentiation
  • To mask unappealing or nonuniform color of raw materials
Sweetening agent could be added in the formula. Sucralose was added as sweetening agent, has low calorie and only need small concentration. It also has advantage for consumers concerned about calories intake and dental caries.

Taste is a combination of the perceptions of mouth-feel, sweetness, and flavour. Peppermint oil was added to the formula to give mint and cooling sensation, synergistic with mannitol which has cooling sensation.

One the crucial factor to produce an acceptable chewable tablet is chewability, Chewable tablet must have appropriate hardness. So that, the tablet is not to hard to chew and has exact hardness, so the tablet was not to brittle. HPC-LM one of great binder, because it has high toughness, and high plastic flow, friability.