These products are helpful to maintain the suppleness of the cuticle. This is important because the cuticle is a barrier against infection. Dried and cracked cuticles not only make the manicure difficult, but also can provide sites for entry of bacteria and fungus. These products typically contain good moisturizers or humectants such as urea, hyaluronic acid and its derivates, phospholipids, sodium PCA, glycerin, and others. The role of surfactants will be to assist penetration into the cuticle and make the cream or lotion more effective for its intended purpose.

Formula of cuticle conditioner with a neutral pH :

Cuticle Conditioners And MoisturizersCuticle Conditioners And Moisturizers
IngredientsWeight %
Polyoxyethylene lanolin wax7.5
Stearyl alcohol6.0
Dewaxed lanolin2.0
Mineral oil15.0
Decyl oleate4.0
Isopropyl palmitate2.0
Propyl paraben0.10
Deionized water (qs)100.0
Methyl paraben0.10
Special oat flour2.0
Quaternium 150.10

Procedure :

Weight oil phase ingredients 1 through 7; begin heating and stirring. Heat to 70 to 730C. Weigh water phase ingredients 8 through 11 and begin heating and stirring. Heat to 70 to 730C and add the water phase to the oil phase. Both should be 70 to 730C. Cool to 400C and add ingredient 12. Fill at 25 to 300C.