Regular use of an exfoliant helps to remove the outer layer of dead skin on the hands, feet, and cuticle. The massaging action upon application of the product stimulates blood flow and assists in the generation of new skin cells. The physical result is that the skin feels softer and appears fresher. Exfoliants need to be pH balanced in the same manner as skin cleaners and soaps.

Formula of Cuticle Scrub
Exfoliating Cuticle Scrub
IngredientsWeight %
Phase A
Deionized waterqs to 100
Disodium EDTA0.01-1.0
Butylene glycol1.0-4.0
Multifruit acid complex0.1-1.0
Metyl paraben0.1-0.5
Phase B
Aloe Vera Gel 10X0.1-0.5
Phase C
Ultragel 3000.5-2.0
Phase D
Polyethylene powder1.0-5.0
Phase E
Propyl paraben0.05-0.5

Procedure :
  1. Combine ingredients in Phase A at ambient temperature in a vessel equipped for homogenization and side sweep type mixing; mix until uniform with side sweep, then homogenize.
  2. Add Phase B to Phase A with homogenization.
  3. Add Phase C to Phases A and B with side sweep mixing.
  4. Add Phase D gradually with side sweep mixing: homogenize on slow speed until uniform. Excessive speed will break down the exfoliant.
  5. Mix the ingredients for Phase E in a a side vessel until uniform.
  6. When Phases D and E are uniform, add Phase E into Phase D and mix until uniform.
  7. qs for water loss. Approximate Ph=3; viscosity range = 600 to 900 centipoise, Brookfield LVT viscometer, Spindle 4, 12 RPM.