Polymorphism of Clopidogrel Bisulphate (Form I and Form II)

Clopidogrel bisulfate is a platelet aggregation inhibitor, medicine for prophylaxis and the treatment of thrombosis by acting as a platelet aggregation inhibitor. It has now been discovered that clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate can exist in different polymorphic crystalline forms which differ from :
  1. stability
  2. physical properties
  3. spectral characteristics
  4. process for their preparation.
The dextrorotatory isomer of clopidrogel bisulfat (Form II) has an excellent platelet aggregation inhibiting activity whereas the levorotatory isomer is less active and less well tolerated (Form II).

Artesunate and Amodiaquine Tablet Formulation

Artesunate and amodiaquine are incompatible, wherein severe degradation of the drugs in presence of each other. The central hypothesis for formulation development was based on the sensitivity of artesunate to the acidity brought by HCl molecules present in the amodiaquine salt that is enhanced by temperature and humidity. Due to the chemical incompatibility of the two drugs which causes mutual decomposition and leads to stability problems. This poses a challenge to the formulating pharmacist while presenting the combination of the two drugs in a single dosage form.

The objective of formulating a single dosage form is improved patient compliance resulting in decreased possibility of recurrence or developing resistance.