Gardenia blue has been found stable at pH 3.5 and water solubility 7. Pikosianin does not dissolve in acid solubility (pH 3) and denatured at temperatures above 450C at pH 5 and 7. Which leads to discoloration. Exposed to visible light from 3x105 lux for 24 hours in water solubility at pH 5 and 7 caused 80% degraded.

To top of gardenia blue absorption is not dependent on pH (at pH 3, 5 and 7), with a maximum wavelength (╬╗maks) 596 nm. But its maximum absorption is determined by the amino acids used to form the blue color of the gardenia, in the range of wavelengths between 580 nm to 597 nm

The spectrum of pikosianin influenced by pH and maximum wavelength at 616 nm and 620 nm, especially for pH 5 and 7. Variations of pikosianin ╬╗maks value depends on the pH and the ratio 620 nm/280 nm for states that pikosianin is an unstable compound and composition variations may depend on sources, production methods and materials - material enhancements.

Constant value at all pH values increased with temperature, showed increased degradation at elevated temperatures. At pH 7, the degradation and the value of k found to be higher than in acid solution. Constant value determined at PH 5 & PH 3 does not differ significantly, and it may be concluded that the accelerated degradation in neutral solution. In addition, at pH 7 gardenia blue has the highest activation energy, Ea, as determined from the temperature dependence of degradation. And Ea was found to reduce with increasing acidity. Therefore, the elevated temperature is less important for products that contain acid.

Gardenia blue solution at pH 5 shows the degradation processes that are weaker than at pH 7 and pH 3, and the more acidic conditions would lead to degradation processes. The solution will change color to blue-gray when exposed to light for 24 hours at the range of pH 3. Gardenia degradation process that is triggered by light depends on the number of amino acids used to prepare the blue color.
Pikosianin known to be more stable at pH 5 than in pH 7, which only occurs Decolorize process or processes that very little color contamination in the sample pikosianin observed for 6 hours.

Despite the low stability to heat and light, can concluded that phycosianin become more flexible / useful among the three food substances such as blue color show a brilliant blue color in jelly gum, and a layer of soft planners.