Effervecent tablets made by some method, that is by wet granulation, dry granulation, and the method of fluidization. Fluidization method wurster method, using a special spray equipment complete with channels spray binder and air duct heating.

Effervescent Tablet requires require special conditions and methods for its production because there are two ingredients that can not be united which is salt sodium bicarbonate and organic acid as a producer of carbon dioxide. The second reaction, this material will be accelerated by the presence of water, therefore Effervescent tablet during its journey from the end of production into the hands of patients should not be the slightest contact with water. In addition, high temperatures can also accelerate the

Effervescent tablet-making process requires special conditions, humidity should be relatively low and the temperature must be cold to prevent the granules or tablets attached to the machine because of the effect of moisture from the air.

Generally the same as conventional tablets

The process:

1. Heating method
Usually the acid component is heated. Because this process is not constant and difficult to control is rarely used.

Granulation with Reactive Fluids.
Effective materials for granulating is water. The process by adding a little water (0.1 to 0.5%) is sprayed on the resulting reaction mixture to produce granules. Granules are still damp and then transferred to a tablet machine and compressed tablets into the oven drying process occurs to remove water so that the tablet becomes stable.

Non Reactive granulation with fluid.
The liquid used is ethanol or isopropanol. The liquid is added slowly to the mixture in a mixer. In this regard need to be added dry binder such as PVP. After that the granule is inserted into the oven and then dried. Again smoothed then compressed.


Done in two ways:

Created chunks large size tablets using a tablet machine and then the tablet is inserted into the granulating machine to be mashed into a desired size

Using a special machine, clamp roller compactor which compact premix powder into the form of tape / plate between two rollers which rotate counterclockwise. Materials crushed into granules in granular machine.