• Papaverine HCl,
if used water in formulating, this drug will dissolve, then use solvents that do not dissolve the active ingredient

•Hydrophobic substance (phenylbutazone, Vioform, Paracetamol, and chloramphenicol esther)
In formulatin g hydrophobic substances, you can add Tween 80 0.01% or saponin 5% of weight of the tablet (add mucilago amyli as much as 0.03%)

• Diazepam
if made granule, Diazepam will become rough granules, therefore, should be smoothed first.

•Vitamin C and Paracetamol
In preparing combination of vitamin C and paracetamol, you should use a non-water solvent, and dry with a dehumidifier.

• Fe ( Ferrous)
Fe has a high specific gravity, then use PVP as binder, solve it in alcohol. If used water, oxidation will occur, change Fe2 + to Fe3 +.

• Vitamin B12 Preparation
Ccrushed 1 g of vitamin B12 + ethanol + SL (99 g), drained if requested dispensation that nothing is lost during the process mean 100 g proportional to 1 g of vitamin B12.

In addition, vitamin B12 is very strongly tied with mucilago amyli, so the disintegration time will be long. Avicel with mucilago amyli will formed sticky dough that is difficult to form granulated. The assay level is very small, it should be submitted content uniformity test.

• Antacid (Mg (OH) 3 + Al (OH)3)
Mg (OH) 3 + Al (OH)3 (Alucol) best prepared by direct compression, can be through wet granulation using PVP in alcohol. If you use mucilago amyli, neutralizing capacity can be decreased.

High density Al (OH)3 /Alucol for tablets has good flow, while the low density can be used for suspension, chewable tablets, voluminous.

• Ethambutol
Ethambutol tablet is easily wet. Granulation it with alcohol or coat it or add ethambutol as fines.

• Combination of Al (OH)3 (Alucol) + extract Belladona
Al (OH)3 (Alucol) + extract Belladona, use Saccharum Lactis as filler. Because the extract is bitter, rare to be made as chewable tablet. When the drug is made as chewable tablet add acid cyclamate and saccharin to overcome the bitter taste. Alucol with other antacids is incompatible to CMC. Need to test neutralization against raw materials and tablets (ask for dispensation).

• Calcium salts
In preparing Ca pantothenic and others, you can not use mucilago amyli as binder. Because, it will form a mass like glue.

• Magnesium stearate and Eksplotab
Magnesium stearate and Eksplotab : if the active substance is acidic, avoid using magnesium stearate and Eksplotab, just replace the Magnesium stearate with stearic acid.

• Antibiotics
Antibiotics, especially those who can not stand heat, prepared out by slugging or dehumidifier (with alcohol + water) aspirated at 30 C but the results are less good, because the potential will decline due to contact with water.

• Extracts for tablets
Condensed extract was dissolved first in 70% ethanol, then dried with Saccharum Lactis. Belladona extract 1:3 means in 3 parts there is a part. For example, if desired 20 mL extract Belladona then taken is 60 mL, finely crushed and mixed with a filler bit by bit.

• Bitter Active Ingredient
For substances of very bitter efficacious as chloramphenicol should be coat (dispensation). Chloramphenicol palmitate tablet can not be made because there was still some palmitic acid which causes the tablet to break easily because it is difficult to bound.