1. Eutectic Mixture
Weigh both the active substance in proportion, put in a mortar and crushed. If it’s melting means eutectic.
Another way is, after both active ingredient mixed, add starch (musilago) with water, if it’s not dry not, mean eutectic, or you can replace starch with PVP alcohol.

2. Ethambutol Tablet Preparation and Formulation
Must be coat with the coating solution that alcohol-soluble and fatty acids soluble but not water soluble, preferably coated with Cetosel. Ethambutol if granulated with PVP / alcohol will be more cake. So, direct compression or dry granulation / slugging more prefer ble. With slugging, compactness will go down, but friability will be up. The technique of PVP addition : add PVP first into the mass then add alcohol until homogenous, so, the total amount is right.

3. Vitamin C
Do not use Avicel, this speed up the oxidation of vitamin C. Can be used in PVP, but the result is not good. Put starch in the vacuum or could also be used Cetosel in alcohol / eksplotab / starch. Do not use with wet granulation because of the disintegration time would be bad.

Avicel is a good use if not compatible with the active substance. Avicel could be used in direct compression, or wet granulation as a filler. If Avicel not water soluble, it can act as in the outer phase and inner phase.
If Avicel used in external phase, dry starch should be removed. So, the composition of outer phase is:

R /
Avicel 6%
Talk 1% (net)
Mg stearate 1%

Likewise, if used Aerosil in outer phase, talk was reduce because it has functioned well as glidant.

4. Starch
Starch is a good amount of 30%. If the amount is high, added substance Starch 1500 30%, then weight of the tablet will be even greater, while that have to be added is a lubricant, glidant, then starch added should be less than 30% which makes the flow to be poor. To overcome this, use Avicel which can act as a filler also disintegrant.
The combination of Starch 1500 and Eksplotab is good for the manufacture of tablets by direct compression as a disintegrant, should not be used as filler.

5. Dry Granulation Manufacturing
ARC 591 do not use alcohol-containing water (use alcohol that is not watery). If containingwater, it can be difficult to reconstituted.

6. Use of Pharmacot, Etocel, PVP
Only for active substances that must not hit the water (because it will decompose). The combination of starch 1500 and Avicel only for directcompression, the amount of Avicel should be reduced and the amount of Starch is 30%. Starch 1500 is not allowed to wet granulation with starch as a filler because the water will form a gel that can serve as a strong binder. But, as the crusher to SL can be used with wet granulation technique.

7. Extracts for Tablet
Condensed extract was dissolved in 70% ethanol and then dried with SL (Saccharum Lactis). For Belladona extract the composition is 1:3.