Three blue (Gardenia blue, phycocyanin, and indigo) has a maximum wavelength of 313 nm and 600 nm.

A. Blue Gardenia
Gardenia blue has been found stable at temperatures up to 800C in water solubility pH 3.5 and 7. When exposed to visible light from 3x105 lux for 24 hours resulted in approximately 50% degraded in water solubility.

Number of gardenia degraded by light with high intensity will depend on the number of amino acids used to prepare the blue color of the gardenia. In general, blue gardenia can remain stable even if exposed to light exposure is lower than like the ones in supermarkets (approximately 1500 Lux).

B. Phycocianin
Phycocianin known to be unstable on heating and lighting in the water solubility. When exposed to visible light from 3x105 lux for 24 hours in water solubility at pH 5 and 7 caused 80% portion degraded.

C. Indigo
Indigo was found to be stable in the media chain triglyceril oil for temperatures up to 900C. But for the degradation of color around 70% after 5 hours of exposure to 3x105 lux, according to the number of results from 1.8 x10-4 mol Einstein-1 for visible light and 1.4 x102 Einstein mol-1 to UV, as the determination to monochromatic light 600nm and 313 nm. Indigo. photodegradation produce a lot of monochromatic light in the UV (313 nm) and visible region (600 nm).

The use of intense light, will cause great fluorescence in indigo with monochromatic light at a wavelength of 313 nm and 600 nm. The use of visible light on indigo better than UV light, this is shown by the increased degradation in the range of UV light about 100 times. This shows the importance of product protection using indigo from UV rays.

Indigo is very sensitive to light and will fade quickly if used as food coloring. Indigo is also more sensitive to light degradation than the well-known carotenoids in general are sensitive to light.
To determine the sensitivity dyes as found in the market to light, then conducted an experiment by giving exposure to xenon light with high intensity in the test solution (dye) is. Degradation process was measured by spectrophotometry where the results of indigo of the most sensitive to light