1. Fines
The maximum amount of fines is 30% of the weight of the tablet, including the outer phase. If the total amount of fines more than 30% big possibility capping will occur. Different amounts, different distributions can be resolved by Hoover that does not vibrate and / or a add stirrer on the compression machine.

2. Eksplotab
Eksplotab is not an acid-resistant ingredient and only use as disintegrant in the outer phase, can not be able to be used for wet granulation. Use 3-5%, maximum 25%.

3. Starch 1500
Filler for direct compression tablets. If there is water, it going into gel so that the active substances are blocked, power expands less so disintegrant time will be long. Use as tablet filler : no more than 30%.

4. Avicel pH 101,102,103 good for direct compression tablet

5. If the active ingredients amount is small and the form is crystal, the risk of content uniformity to be not same is high if made by direct compression, because it is less homogeneous.

6. For direct compression, use a fine active substance with a good flow.

7. If the base coarse and the fine active substance fine, the distribution becomes uneven due to a particle size distribution is uneven, especially when compression process, due to vibration.

8. Vitamin B12 for direct compression must be smoothed first. Use mannitol as filler, not Saccharum Lactis.

9. If you want to develop antibiotics, select binding that does not change the potential.

10. Common mechanism of disintegration for tablet is wetting, water penetration, swallowing, and destroying. For direct compression, if the print mass flow rate of 1.5 g / sec or more is good enough.

11. If the active ingredient amount is 200 mg per tablet, get ready to be made by directcompression.

12. The tablet disintegration time of evaluation, review mechanisms disintegration time, surfactant. Hydrophobic disintegrant would be better.

13. PVP easily penetrated by water.

14. Ac di sol 3% as outer disintegrant to improve the disintegration time.
Granulation is made separately by considering the number of granules as much, the distribution of the same granule in which the ratio of granule A and B together, the distribution of weakness is not always the same.

15. Size (mesh) 18-20, 20-22; the usual 16-16
If the granules had weak binding, use sieve with mesh size equal

16. Active substances with high specific gravity (generally inorganic substances), granulation as usual, inner phase as small as possible.

17. CaCO3 can be used as a disintegrant an work in the stomach which will absorb stomach acid and converted to CO2.