Cubeb (Piper cubeba L.f) Extract Lozenges as expectorant for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a respiratory illness, characterized by mucus hypersecretion and chronic productive cough repeatedly for at least 3 months per year or at least 2 consecutive years in patients who have no known cause. Various efforts have been used by the community in tackling this disease, one of them is take traditional medication.

One of the plants can be used for the treatment of bronchitis is cubeb plant (Piper cubeba Lf). Piper cubeba can be used to treat coughs, bronchitis, gastrointestinal diseases and rheumatism. Cubeb also useful as a stimulant expectorant in bronchial mucous membrane. Indonesian society has also long used cubeb as traditional medicine. Nevertheless the effectiveness and quality of traditional medicine is still a lot that has not been tested, mainly related to a matter of convenience. It is very important especially for a relatively long treatment such as bronchitis, among other things to prevent boredom in patients to consume traditional medicine and dosage errors that can result in unwanted effects.

The above problems can be overcome with the innovation of new dosage form by utilizing existing technology. Among them is the formulation in dosage form lozenges. Lozenges is a type of stocks that have the taste and sucked in by the wearer mukus. This preparation is very suitable for the treatment of infections in the mouth or throat.


Function: to split tablets
How to use: - when granulation
- Before compressing (the best)

1. Starch (Amylum)

2. Starch 1500

3. Sodium starch glycolate (primogel, explotab)
• Usage: 1-20% with optimum concentration : 4%
• Explotab can not be use as disintegrant in inner phase
• Mechanism similar to starch in general, is a modified starch that can absorb water 200-300%
• Disintegration time is determined also by the amount of compression pressure
• Attention: at high temperature and high humidity can prolong disintegration time, slowing down the dissolution time

4. Cellulose (cellulose, methylcellulose, CMC, CMC-Na, Avicel, Acdisol)
• Acdisol is crosslinking of CMC-Na and excellent for use as disintegrant because water soluble and has a great affinity to water.
• Acdisol is listed on the super disintegrant. Usage: 2-5%.