Function: to split tablets
How to use: - when granulation
- Before compressing (the best)

1. Starch (Amylum)

2. Starch 1500

3. Sodium starch glycolate (primogel, explotab)
• Usage: 1-20% with optimum concentration : 4%
• Explotab can not be use as disintegrant in inner phase
• Mechanism similar to starch in general, is a modified starch that can absorb water 200-300%
• Disintegration time is determined also by the amount of compression pressure
• Attention: at high temperature and high humidity can prolong disintegration time, slowing down the dissolution time

4. Cellulose (cellulose, methylcellulose, CMC, CMC-Na, Avicel, Acdisol)
• Acdisol is crosslinking of CMC-Na and excellent for use as disintegrant because water soluble and has a great affinity to water.
• Acdisol is listed on the super disintegrant. Usage: 2-5%.

5. Gums (agar, pectin, tragacant, guar gum)
- Usage: 1-10%
- Not a good disintegrant, because capacity development is relatively low

6. Clays
• Usage: 2-10%, missing properties if granulated
• Not a good disintegrant, because it can cause discoloration as a whole

7. Alginate (alginic acid and Na-alginate)
• Usage: 1-5% (alginic acid) or 2.5 to 10% (Na-alginate)
• Having a great affinity to water