Optimum concentration: 1%
Function: as an excipient to eliminate friction during tablet compression and drawing out the mold

a. Water soluble: widely used for water-soluble tablet such as tablet / powder effervescent
b. Water insoluble: the most widely used and used in low concentrations

a. Fluid type lubricant
Form a liquid layer between the compressed mass with metal molds. Can leave stains on the tablet
b. Boundary type lubricant
With the interaction between polar groups with the lubricant molecules on metal surfaces. This type has better adheren to the mold

  • Lubricant can spread the pressure when the compressing and improve overall specific gravity of particle
  • The smaller the granule size, it takes more and more lubricant
  • In general, the lubricants can prolong tablet disintegration time and dissolution rate decrease due to its hydrophobic
  • Attention: aspirin is not stable in the presence of alkaline compounds, such as alkaline stearate lubricants. As alternative could be used talk.
  • Lubricant carbowax often given in the form of alcohol solution
  • When the lubricant is added during granulation, they will form a layer around the granules so as to reduce damage to the tablet after compression. The formation of this layer will also cause the tablet to be more porous, elastic, easily stretched, and gives results greater tablets so the tablet easily broken
  • Lubricant is often added in outer phase when everything has been homogenized, and mixed at the end of 2-5 minutes total mixing time 10-30 minutes
  • Method of adding lubricant in the end (as an external phase-after the granules formed) gives better results on the hardness of tablets and amenity for incurred compared with current methods of adding lubricant performed granulation
  • As the sole lubricant, Mg-lauryl sulphate at lower concentrations can be combined with Mg-stearate

Water soluble lubricant                               Water insoluble lubricant
Boric Acid : 1%                                               Metal (Mg, Ca, Na) stearate : ¼-2%
Sodium chloride : 5%                                     Stearic Acid: ¼-2%
DL-Leusine :1-5%                                           Sterofex : ¼-2%
Carbowax 4000/6000 : 1-5%                           Talc : 1-5%
Sodium oleate : 5%                                         Waxes : 1-5%
Sodium benzoate : 5%                                    Stearowet : 1-5%
Sodium cetate : 5%                                         Gliceryl behapte (Compritol 888):
Sodium lauryl sulphate : 1-5%                      can be used as binder, can be combined with Mg-stearat
Mg-lauryl sulphate : 1-2%                            
Sodium benzoate + sodium acetate: 1-5%

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