Dry or scaly skin? That would interfere with our appearance and the skin will feel rough, in the end it will make us not confidence. To overcome this problem, of course, wear hand body lotion. There are materials ..., just make it.

Don’t think, the manufacturing process is very easy and fast.

The Formula of hand body lotion:

Part I
Lexemul CS 25 gr
Laurex 5 gr
Dimethicone 100 cps
Iso Propyl Myristate 10-15 cc
Methyl paraben (Nipagin)
Propyl paraben (Nipasol)

Part II
TiO2 (Titanium dioxide)
MPG (Mono propylene glycol) 5 g
Hot distilled water
Cold distilled water
Dyes to taste
Perfume to taste

Equipment used: container, stirring and heating

Procedure of manufacture:
1. Put the materials in section I in container A, and then heated until all ingredients melt.
2. TiO2 + MPG on the container B
3. (2) + hot water (boiling), stir
4. (1) + (3) cool slightly and stir until thickened
5. (4) + cold water little by little and stir well
6. (5) + Dyes stir
7. (6) + Perfumes stir
8. So, This is it, Your Body Lotion

The formula above is a very basic formula of hand and body lotion formula. If you want to add these additives (ingredients) is okay. The following additive substances that can be used for hand body lotion:

1.COLLAGEN, derived from skin tissue of animals (pigs, sheep, cows and goats). This material is often used for anti-aging products, lipstick to make it more glossy, hand and body lotions and skin care for smooth skin, white skin and maintain elasticity. Based on the information obtained, the best collagen and is often used in cosmetic products today is collagen derived from pigs.

2.ELASTIN, is a component of connective tissue in the skin other than collagen. Elastin is responsible for the elasticity of the connective tissue. Usually, there together collagen and used for skin and hair care products.

3.PLACENTA, is a media to grow in the uterus during pregnancy, which serves to provide nutrients from mother to embryo. The placenta will come out simultaneously with the birth of the baby. The source can be derived from human placenta and animals (cows, goats, sheep, sheep and pigs). If we use products that use the placenta as one of the material would be cannibalism.

Most placenta used in cosmetics products are the placental extract. This placental extract obtained by washing the placenta that is still fresh. The next process is frozen and cut into pulp placenta until the placenta. After the placenta is obtained through a filtration process to extract the placenta. Furthermore, thickened placenta extract was then performed by heating them sterile filtration. These results are used as raw material for cosmetics.

The advantage of this placental extract is able to improve skin elasticity, reduces signs of aging and make skin youthful (anti aging), reduce pigmentation and dark spots on the face, whiten and soften the skin, making it look fresh and soft. Some products that allegedly uses the placenta is hand and body lotion, bath soap, placenta serum gold, whitening lotion, etc..

4.FAT AND ITS DERIVATE, various kinds of fats derived from animals and can be processed by the separation and extraction technology to become some of its derivatives such as lauric acid, stearic acid, glycerin, GMS, cetyl alcohol, glycolic acid, palmitate acid, etc. Often used in lotions, sun block, whitening lotion, lotion, etc..

5.ALLANTOIN, is the ingredient that helps skin retain moisture and softness, and anti-irritation of the skin (burns, abrasions, pimples, boils).

6.GLYCERIN, chemical compounds made from the hydrolysis of fats or oils derived from animals or plants (derived fat), synthetic chemical derived from propylene gas (petroleum) or microbial products, often used in soap products. Glycerin helps skin maintain moisture and softness. Some products that use glycerin is hand lotions and creams, face packs, masks, liquid face powder, protective cream (sun block), skin freshener and toothpaste.

7.VITAMIN, there are several vitamins that have the nature unstable, so it must be stabilized with a stabilizer. Materials often used include gelatin (from pork and beef), carrageenan, gum, or modified starch. The addition of vitamins are usually for skin and hair care products.