Indonesia is famous for its rich spices. As a result of it all, Indonesia was colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese, to take the spices for his own use and the remainder sold to countries that need it. Especially the Dutch results from the sale of spices used to stem the sea and build their country. This is a bit of the history of the Indonesian people, how great price and value of spices

The benefits of spices in addition to the field of culinary, health as well as for the field of beauty (cosmetics). Spices beauty in various applications such as body scrub, body odor remover, etc. slimming.

Special to spice bath soap, spices work to tighten, smoothing and skin cleansers and body odor remover. Spices are a lot of grown up around us so easily in the can / be found. Spices are contained in the soap as an additive and has the advantage of the soap itself.
Incorporate materials into soap spice there are two ways of spices, dried and then ground into powder or spice it up in small slices and then boiled and filtered with a soft cloth to be taken just dilution.

Corn flour is the best choice to help open the pores of soap on the skin, then clean the excess oil on skin. Corn starch granules capable of "scratching" (Scrub), dirt and oils from the skin surface.

The composition of the herb soap making:
1. Coconut Oil 100 ml
2. NaOH
3. Stearic acid
4. Spices to taste
5. 5 g corn flour
6. NaCl
7. Lemongrass oil to taste
8. Perfume to taste
9. Water

Equipment needed: container, thermometer and stirrer

Procedure of manufacture
  1. A coconut oil in the container is heated about 95 degrees lift
  2. NaOH + water in container B are heated less than 70 degree lift
  3. (1) + (2) in the container B mix
  4. Melt the stearic acid in the container A (former container no. 1)
  5. (3) + (4) remain in the container B stir over heat
  6. (5) + corn flour mix
  7. (6) + NaCl stir
  8. (7) + Spices stir and lift
  9. (8) warm + Perfume
  10. Ready to enter the mold, wait overnight to harden his own soap.

Wearing Your Own Bath Soap Reason:
  1. Homemade soaps not only clean, because the oil contains about 25% glycerin. Please note on separation of oil into fatty acids and glycerin. In the industry in the manufacture of soap using fatty acids while the glycerin sold separately because the price is more expensive. As a result, industrial soap can make the skin become scaly / dry when used for bathing. The function of glycerin can moisturize and soften the skin, as well as soothing and lubricate the skin cells.
  2. Quality soap homemade soap which can exceed the purchase in the market, certainly cheaper homemade.
  3. By making your own you can get what they want, good filler material, additional materials, shape, color, and fragrance.
  4. Making soap itself is very fun and full of creativity.
  5. That certainly makes it easy soap

In some European countries and Russia there are many or show Soap. Workshop is a kind of soap to show home industry to customer / visitors to see first hand how the process of making soap from start to become soap. Spices provided so many kinds and each herb has their own goodness for the body and skin. Subscribers just choose the spices which, to put into the composition of soap (Source from a friend who had lived in Russia precisely in Moscow). From soap making ingredients, many ingredients of spices specially imported from outside the country.