Current affairs not just clean bathrooms but there must be other advantages to the skin of our bodies. Our hope after we bathe is that you feel your skin clean, smooth, moist skin awake and shine. To realize that hope, we make soap scrubs bath & shower gel with vitamin E.

This soap is gel / paste, very suitable in containers such as tube. Excess packaging compared to other packaging tube, tube packaging is very practical use could be put in a pocket or inside the bag.

Material Composition:
  1. SLES Ultra 120 gr
  2. Cocoamino Diethanol amine to taste
  3. Cocoaminido propyl betaine
  4. Methyl paraben
  5. Propyl paraben
  6. NaCl 2.5
  7. EDTA
  8. Hot water 25 ml
  9. Amylum
  10. Vitamin E
  11. Dyes to taste
  12. Perfume to taste 
Equipment used: container, stirrer & measuring cup

How to manufacture:
  1. Ultra SLES + Cocoamino Diethanol amine in container A mix well
  2. (1) + Cocoaminido propyl betaine stir
  3. (2) + Methyl paraben mix
  4. (3) + Propyl paraben
  5. NaCl was dissolved in hot water in container B mix
  6. (4) + (5) in container A little by little stir
  7. (6) + + EDTA stir Amylum
  8. (7) + Vitamin E mix
  9. (8) + Dyes stir
  10. (9) + Perfume
  11. Ready in containers 
Materials Analysis:
1. Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
Is a surfactant, foam stabilizer contained in various personal care products like soap, hair shampoo and toothpaste.

2. Cocoamide Diethanol amine
Yellowish viscous liquid, soluble in water
It is a foaming agent in various products such as shampoo, soap and emulsifying agent for cosmetics.

3. Cocoaminido propyl betaine
Surfactant is a gentle cleanser (having conditioning properties and serves to reduce irritation to the skin.

4. NaCl
Serves to increase viscosity.

5. Methyl paraben (Nipagin) is a preservative that is anti-bacterial

6. Propyl paraben (Nipasol) is a preservative that is anti-fungal

7. We recommend using distilled water or use mineral water.

8. Oats
Oats plants such as rice which grows in temperate climates subtropic who produce wheat (Triticum estivum). Oat function as a scrub (scrubbing) to remove dead skin cells so that there is regeneration of the skin. For dry skin, oats are also used to moisturize the skin, youthful skin, makes skin look smooth and radiant. Oat rich in protein, iron, phosphate, magnesium and silicon which are suitable for sensitive skin.

9. Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an alpha tocophenol (C29H50O2) dissolved in oil. Serves to smooth the skin.

10. Dye
To give color to products more attractive.

11. Perfume
To give fragrance to the product more attractive as well.