The word aromatherapy was introduced in 1928 by a French chemist: Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. Inadvertently, his hands on fire and in her panic she dipped her hand into the pure lavender oil. A few hours later the burn healed. Further research confirmed that the aromatic oils of plants was indeed has ability to cured.

Next discovery is then performed by Dr Jean Valnet who found that the aromatic oils can increase cell regeneration and protect us from bacteria. The used of aromatic oil for health improvement is applied in World War II with resounding success. Marguerite Maury is the originator of the famous first for the use of aromatic oils in beauty and health care. His book "Secrets of Life and Youth" reveals that after the research and clinical trials for many years, he finally found the area where the scent molecules produced a real therapeutic effect. In particular, he mentioned that we could enjoy a very positive impact with aromatic oils absorb through the skin or by inhaling the fragrance. After entering our body through the respiratory tract, aromatic oils will lead to nerve centers in the brain. The presence of these aromatic oils will activate our senses, stimulate the brain's ability and improve strength. To get a broader insight of the heritage that is thousands of years old, experts involved in research around the world. At present, the nature and use of aromatherapy is well known.

Besides as a skin cleanser soap can be used for relaxation and refreshment. Here is one of the transparent soap formulation for aroma therapy.


100 grams of chips soap
2.5 ml PEG 400
Lexgard P 0.5 ml
50 ml distilled water
Oatmeal 10 grams
Perfume to taste
Dyes to taste

How to manufacture

Weigh Chip Soap = 100 grams, incoming containers
(1) + PEG 400 = 2.5 ml
(2) + Lexgard P = 0.5 ml
(3) + distilled water = 50 ml
(4) is heated while stirring soap chips, stirring until melted, then turn off the heat.
(5) + Oatmeal = 10 grams of + dyes & perfumes to taste, stirring constantly until the water runs out.
(6) pour into a mold that has been coated with baking paper. Allow to harden for 3-4 days.

  1. Oatmeal can also be replaced with other supplemental materials (eg: coffee powder, pounded rice, etc.)
  2. When other additives are used in the form of liquid (maximum addition of 10 cc), distilled water should be used only 30 ml.

The function of natural content
Vanilla Powder: Increase creativity, improve physical energy, Soothing, Warming the
Coffee: Increase creativity & physical energy
Oatmeal: Smooth skin / scrubs
Pounded rice: Whitening skin and as skin scrubs
Olive Oil:  tightens &smooths skin
Lavender Oil: Eliminate head pain, premenstrual pain, stress
Peppermint Oil: Overcoming abdominal pain, liver and intestines, stimulates the brain and clear the mind, the respiratory bronchioles
Clove Oil:  Soothing and refreshing body and mind
Rose Oil:  Prevents depression, As a vitamin for skin
Tea Tree Oil: Prevents skin infections and acne, Anti-fungal
Orange Oil: Creating a feeling of comfort and happiness in mind and body
Milk: As a moisturizer and skin protein
Honey: Smooth, prevent spots &nourish the skin