In our daily activities can not be separated from tooth brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Activities toothbrush should be done 2-3 times a day, mainly carried out after every meal. Have you ever in a day just does not brush his teeth? For one thing, the author never once in a day does not brush his teeth, so consequently the mouth feel uncomfortable and awkward to talk to someone at close range because worry about bad breath.

When used for toothbrushes, toothpaste that both must satisfy the properties:
  1. Can remove foreign particles, the remaining food on the teeth, plaque or tartar, and can clean teeth.
  2. It should not toxic, has a sense of fun and feel fresh after using the mouth.

The raw material is composed of toothpaste:
1. Polishing material (abrasive), is one of the most important ingredient to remove food particles remaining on the teeth. Materials used include aluminum phosphate.

2. Foaming material, serves to assist the action polishing materials by wetting the teeth and food particles left on the teeth and also serve as mucus emulsifier in the mouth. Materials used as foaming agent is SLS (sodium lauryl sulfonate) by trade name texapon, FAME, etc..

3. Materials moistener (moisturizer), serves to prevent drying and hardening of the toothpaste. Materials often used include glycerin, propylene glycol, etc..

4. Binder, serves to prevent separation of ingredients in toothpaste. Materials used include sodium alginate.

5. Sweetening matter, serves to also write a sweet taste in toothpaste. Materials used include saccharin.

6. Flavoring agent, serves to provide aroma and flavor in pasta and avoid feeling of nausea. In addition, to increase the freshness of toothpaste. Materials used peppermint oil.

7. Preservative, serves to maintain the physical structure, chemical and biological toothpaste. This material should not toxic. Preservative sodium benzoate used.

8. Fluoride materials, is one substance that serves for the growth and health of teeth, coating the tooth structure and resistance to decomposition process and trigger mineralization. The flour give the effect of detergents and chemical elements harden tooth enamel coating. Fluoride is widely used is one of sodium fluoride (NaF). Provision of fluoride toothpaste is recommended for 0.05% - 0.08%, due to excess of fluoride will cause damage to health. The authors recommend that in making toothpaste without fluoride does not matter.

Composition manufacture toothpaste
  1. Alumium phosphate maximum
  2. Texapon 3%
  3. Glycerin (15-20)%
  4. Sodium alginate 25%
  5. Saccharin taste
  6. Peppermint oil to taste
  7. Sodium benzoate 0.1%
  8. Sodium fluoride
  9. Sufficient water

Equipment needed: container and wood stirrer

How to make toothpaste
  1. Sodium alginate + glycerin mix evenly
  2. (1) + Texapon mix evenly
  3. Water + Sodium benzoate stir
  4. (3) is mixed into (2) stir + NaF
  5. (4) + Sweeteners stir
  6. (5) + Aluminum phosphate mix
  7. (6) + Peppermint oil mix
  8. Ready packaged