So many kinds of soap on the market, ranging from ordinary soap to special soap. Ordinary soap refer to solid soap is often used to clean up the limbs of society as a whole. For hand soap liquid form, we assess the type of soap that is specific, meaning soap which is devoted to clean the hands from dirt.

If we look at the hand soap is widely in use or are provided in toilet facilities located in restaurants, hotels, malls, hospitals, households, especially upper middle class, etc.. It is expected that after using toilet facilities, wash hands with hand soap is an effective way to stay healthy and hygienic. If the appeal solid wash hands with soap (bars), it seems less practical and effective course.

Hand soap formula below, contains different antiseptic with a hand soap in the market. When compared to hand soap on the market. Make their own products can save 60% - 70%, even more.

Composition of hand soap
Ultra SLES 100 gr
Sodium Chloride
Foam Booster taste
Carboxylic acid
EDTA 1.1 g
Dyes taste

Equipment needed: container, stirrer

1. Sodium 25 gr + Ultra SLES stir until white look
2. (1) + water added gradually stir until dissolved
3. (2) + Foam booster stir
4. (3) + EDTA stir
5. Carboxylic acid + water 50 cc stir
6. (4) + (5) stir
7. Remain sodium + remain water stir
8. (6) + (7) stir well and thickened
9. (8) + Dyes to taste mix well
10. (9) + Perfumes stir to taste
11. Allow a few hours and is ready to be packed