Wax in lipstick create a crystalline network within the formulation that gives the lipstick its shape even in warm condition.

Luster and hardness generally depends on the characteristics and amount of wax used..Characteristics of best use of a mixture containing waxes with different melting point and setting the final melting point wax in merging with a high melting point in sufficient quantities.

Wax are ideal Alloys will retain the form of sticks ranging from at least 50rC and will maintain the oil phase so it will not create liquid droplets.

but will always be soft and easily applied to dye at minimum pressure with the lips. Concentration of the wax in lipstick can vary depending on how solid the final product and at what price. Usually between 10-25%

• The wax may be of vegetable, animal or synthetic origin.

AnimalBeeswaxComposed of fatty acids and alcohols, ThickenersBeesRelatively solid, give a lustrous appearance
Plant Carnauba wax Harder than bees wax, very slightly acid, but brittle. Often used mixed with bees wax From the leaves of the carnauba palm (Brazil) Relatively hard, give a lustrous appearance

Candelila wax Very hard wax From the candelilla plant Matte appearance
Mineral Paraffin Ozokerite Non-stick, Non-polar, white fairly transparent and odorless Paraffin is obtained from oil refining More malleable

• Some examples of wax with a melting point and their role:

WaxMelting Point (m.p.)%Purpose
Cetostearyl alcohol42-452-3Emollient
Cetyl alcohol45-502-3Emollient
Ceresin wax60-755-20Increase m.p
White beeswax62-645-20Bind oils & higher m.p waxes
Candelila wax65-695-10Gives smooth & glossy appearance
Carnauba wax80-881-3Imparts rigidity & hardness
Hard paraffin50-571-5Improve gloss
Soft Paraffin38-561-5Lubricant, increase spread ability

Wax in lipstick that most commonly used is Candelilla, Carnauba and Beeswax. Everything is a natural night. Candelilla Carnauba and will produce a strong bonding and luster. But, if too much will make the lipstick to be fragile, easily broken. Beeswax is very good to prevent wrinkles. depending on the hardness and melting point of the selected nights. Reducing the number of nights will bring more products to the kind of lip gloss.