Many women have problems with the skin at the eye area, especially due to the sensitive skin types. As a result of make-up becomes an alternative to cover it. Yet, precisely the wrong makeup can aggravate skin conditions.

Please note, the skin in the eye area is different from the surrounding skin, why? It has the thinnest layer, less fat and no muscle underneath. There is only blood vessels that directly blackened if you are too tired and less rest.

Moisturizer is a powerful weapon in skin care. But, make sure you choose a moisturizer eye with textures as possible. Moisturizers that the texture of heavy cream and thick it makes the pores of the thin eye skin difficulty breathing and even make eye puffiness.

A clear gel to be used around the eyes to smooth the skin and give a soft, silky feel. Here is the best moisturizing eye gel formula you can make your own.

Ingredients% w/wFunction
Part A

Deionized Water88.64Diluent
Disodium EDTA0.03Chelating agent
Citric Acid (10% solution)0.03pH adjustment
Carbomer/ Carbopol0.40Gelling agent

Part B

1,3 Butylene Glycol2Humectant
Glycerin (96%)3.5Humectant
Panthenol0.3Moisturizer, Provitamin B

Part C

Phenyl Trimethicone SF 1550 0.35Non-oily emollient
Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone SF1214 3Breathable barrier, smooth and silky feel

Part D

Sodium Hydrooxide (10% solution)1.6Neutralizer

Part E

DMDM Hydantoin and iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate0.15Preservative

Procedure :
  1. Meter water of Part A into appropriate vessel. Add EDTA and citric acid to the water and mix with propeller agitation until dissolved. With moderate propeller agitation, slowly add carbomer and when dissolved, mix an additional 20 minutes.
  2. Add ingredients of Part B to part A with moderate propeller agitation.
  3. Add part C to part AB in order listed with moderate propeller agitation. Mix 20-30 minutes with moderate agitation.
  4. Add part D to batch with sweep agitation and adjust pH to 7.2 +- 0.1
  5. With sweep agitation, add Part E and mix for 30 minutes.

Source : Cosmetic and Toiletry formulation