A recent innovation is the gelatin coated tablets. The innovator product the gelcap is a capsule shaped compressed tablet coated with gelatin layer. The purpose is make this solid dosage form easy to swallow.

The Advantages of Gelatin Coated Tablet :
1. This allows the coated product to be about one third smaller than a capsule filled with an equivalent amount of powder.
2. The gelatin coating facilitates swallowing.
3. Gelatin coated tablets are more tamper evident than unsealed capsule.

Coating may be also performed for granules (coated granules) to be compressed into tablet or filled into capsule

Quality control testing for coated tablets:
1. Irrespective to the method used in coating, all tablets are visually or electronically inspected for physical imperfection
2. Drug availability is also tested.

Give a scientific term:
1. It involves the deposition usually by spraying method, of a thin uniform film of a polymer formulation surrounding a tablet.
2. It involves the compaction of granular materials around a preformed tablet core using specially designed tableting equipment.

Gelcaps from capsugel Available in Various Size :

1. Weight

Tolerance Mg±3±3±3±3
2. Capacity

Internal volume cm30.8000.6000.5000.300
Weight capacity mg (*)960720600360