Did you know, green tea has a million properties to prevent illness? Polyphenols in tea are antioxidants biflavonoid type that 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E.

Now many products in the market made from or containing green tea. These include green tea products in the form of effervescent tablets. Certainly more interesting way of presentation is by dissolving in water and then will arise froth resulting from the release of CO2. This product is also relatively more stable in storage than in liquid form/ beverage in bottle.

Carbonation produced can give freshness and cover unwanted taste. Green tea effervescent tablets are also more practical and easy to carry. Serving it also easy.

Epigalocatehchin and epigalocatechin galate contained in tea may also act as inhibitors of angiotensin transferase, so that by drinking tea may have the opportunity to lower blood pressure

Green tea contains bioactive polyphenols compounds that cause a reaction to the body relaxed and comfortable. Functional components responsible for the creation of an atmosphere that is L-teanin.
L-teanin is a group of amino acids that can cause a bad atmosphere (umami or savory), which is only found in tea plants.


• Phenol substance: tannin / catekin, flavanol
• Non-phenol substance: resin, vitamins, chlorophyll, carbohydrate, and mineral substances
• Aromatic Substance: the fraction of carboxylic, phenolic, carbonyl, carbonyl-free neutral (largely made up of alcohol).
• enzymes: invertase, amylase, a-glucosidase, oximetilase, protease, and peroxidase.
• Vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K


1. Dry Green Tea Leaf
2. Size Reduction
3. Immersion In Boiling Water
4. Filtration
5. Drying (Spray drier)
6. Dried Green Tea Extract


1. Dried green tea extract
2. Citric Acid
The function of the addition of citric acid is to improve the taste of liquid dosage formulations and as sequestering agent with a concentration of 0.3 ± 2.0%
3. Sodium bicarbonate
source of carbon dioxide in the tablet and effervescent granule; Concentration : 25-50%. as buffering agent in tablets with a concentration of 10-40%, as well as baking agent in effervescent tablets
4. Sucrose
tablet binder in dry granulation with a concentration of 20-20% and 50-67% in wet granulation, but it also serves as sucrose syrup for coating tablets with a concentration of 50-67%, as well as a sweetening agent or flavoring sweet with a concentration of 67%
5. Aerosil/ Silicon Dioxide Colloidal
emulsion stabilizer concentration of 1-5%, as lubricant 0.1-0.5%, as suspending agent and thickening agent concentration 2-10%
6. Aspartame
used as an additional sweetener



Part A (Acid Phase):
1. Mixing: green tea extract, Sodium Bicarbonate and aspartame
2. Spraying: in Fluid Bed Spray Granulation, mixture 1 was sprayed with sucrose syrup
3. Drying: drying process continue until the water content less than 5%
4. Sieving: sieve through mesh 20

Fluid Bed Spray Granulation is a unique process where granulation and drying take place at the same time. This assures at all times a low moisture level limiting the pre-effervescent reaction to a minimum. In addition, when using a fluid bed for drying, it is very easy to reach the very low final moisture level required for storage. Downside is that more granulation fluid is needed than in a high shear process.

Part B (Base Phase):
1. Mixing: citric acid and sucrose
2. Spraying: in Fluid Bed Spray Granulation, mixture was sprayed with sucrose syrup
3. Drying: drying process continue until the water content less than 5%
4. Sieving: sieve through mesh 20 mesh

Part C:
1. Mixing: materials in part A and materials in part B, mix until homogenous.
2. Adding Outer Phase: Add Aerosil, then mix again until homogenous.
3. Compressing: Effervescent tablet specification : Diameter 20 mm, hardness 70-120 N, Disintegration time less than 5 minutes.

• provide practical nature to enjoy and prepare green tea drinks
• preparation process (brewing) green tea drink will take place with short time that can be consumed quickly
• new ideas in a green tea beverage products that has been circulating on the market