If you are looking at lip balm products, make sure you also take a close look at their containers. Adjust to your needs and your comfort in use. Some people even collect it because of the shape, color and aroma variety. Let's look together, the various containers of lip balm.

Lip Balm Jars/ Lip Balm Bottle
  Lip Balm Square Tin Jars

Typically, lip balm containers take the shape of small flat bottles, like jar with a lid that you can twist to open and close. These containers are glass bottles, with a label running across their bodies. The labels mention what the lip balms contain and how you should use them. This is how you will typically find your lip balm packed.

  Lip Balm  Clear Acrylic Square Jars

There are benefits of this kind of packaging. Firstly, because it is a small, flat bottle, you can tuck it in your handbag quite easily and have it with you all the time. Whenever you need, you can just twist the bottle lid open and quite discreetly apply it on your lips. Since most lip balms are meant to be applied on a daily basis, this becomes a very useful option.

Lip Balm Clear Square Polystyrene Jars

 These jars have undergone many modifications. The material used to produce this jars were various. There are made of natural polypropylene, clear acrylic square, polystyrene and tin.

  Lip Balm Polypropylene Jars

Lip Balm Colorful Jars

  Lip Balm Colorful Jars

You will find lip balms being sold in packs of two or three or four or six generally. The bottles are placed together, and are sold at a discounted package rate. If you are getting the whole set, you are definitely saving a significant amount of their total cost and you are also getting a lot of lip balm containers with so many different colors. You could opt for a single variant through the set, i.e. the same color and flavor, or you could opt for an assortment of different flavors and colors.

Lip Balm Squeeze Tube
 Lip Balm SqueezeTube

There are other kinds of lip balm containers that have become popular of late. There’s the tube version, in which the lip balm needs to be squeezed and directly applied over the lips. The benefit here is that you don’t need to touch the lip balm at any point. But, then there might be little “accidents” in which you squeeze more lip balm out of the tube and then you don’t know what to do with it.

Lip Balm Twist Tube

  Lip Balm Round Twist Tube

Another popular type of lip balm container is the twist tube, which just like the lipstick tube. You twist the base and the lip balm comes out, which you directly smear on your lips. These are the best kinds of lip balm applicators for the moment, though they are a bit more expensive than the bottles and cannot be actually retained later as collector’s items! Available in many colors, and shape (oval, round, slim tall, transparent, etc)

 Lip Balm Oval Twist Tube