Potio is liquid preparation, a liquid that is intended to drink, mixed and blended in such a way that it is possible to be given in a volume of a single dose in large quantities, generally 50ml.

Some Basic Techniques of Potio Manufacturing
The first step is generally performed in the manufacture potio is to dissolve the active ingredients, previously dissolved in accordance solubility, solubility in activism substance found in many literature.

When the active ingredient is not soluble, it needs to be made a suspension, suspending agent commonly used:
  • Carboxy Methyl Celullose (CMC) 0.5 - 2% w / v (generally 1%). CMC used by sown on top of hot water (the amount is 1:20).
  • Pulvis Gummosus (PGS) 1%, usually for materials that are less efficacious drugs.
  • Pulvis Gummosus (PGS) 2%, usually for every efficacious drugs.

When the syrup containing oil material, the preparations should be made an emulsion, for example:
  • Fish oil (used Pulvis Gummi Arababicum (PGA) 30% of heavy oil).
  • Oil distances (PGA used 1 / 3 times the weight of oil).
  • Paraffin liquid: PGA should be used ½ times the amount, the corpus is made first, then added a little paraffin.

Sasa (solutio)
  • If there is syrup, weighed into the syrup, while stirring.
  • If no syrup, added last into the bottle, while shaken.
  • Succus: ground with hot water in adequate amount, not too much, it will be difficult to g round.
  • Tincture or liquid extract: diluted with water in adequate amount, or directly inserted into the bottle gradually while shaken.
  • Thick Extract: diluted with warm water.
  • Extracts Opii; Pantopon: sprinkled on the water as much, let stand 15 minutes, dilute and ground it.
  • Iulapium: Iulapium rubrum (Rhoeados syrup), Iulapium Fuscum (Aurantii syrup) and Iulapium Album (sirupus simplex).
  • Saccharum album = sugar: if changed by sirupus simplex = 100/65 x amount of sugar
  • Syrup: serves to stabilize the "corpus" (suspension or emulsion), added to the corpus before it was diluted with water.
  •  If there is wetting agent: an insoluble material was crushed with a wetting agent, then ground with suspending agent.
  • Examples of wetting agents: Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Tween.
  • Arsenic trioxide: replaced with Kalii arsenitis solution as many as 100 time.