Many people often misinterpret the use of lip pencil with lip liner. There are fundamental differences in the use of these two cosmetic. Lip Liner serves t correct the shape of the lips and at the same time can make a lasting look of your lipstick. Can be used in two ways, by simply illustrates the edge of the lips as the frame or apply it thoroughly afterwards. While lip pencil shaped lighter and easier to apply than the lip liner. It is easier to draw. The drawback, this lip pencil can make the lips dry.

Lip pencil is a product that utilizes the properties of dispersive Cera Bellina to produce a product that coats easily, and leave the color that is waterproof.

Lip pencil formulation

Fase A

Castor Oil51.5Caschem
Candelilla Wax8Koster Keunen
Carnauba Wax7Koster Keunen
Microcrystalline Wax5Koster Keunen
Ceresine 130/135 Wax3Koster Keunen
Mineral Oil3Witco
Cetyl Alcohol1.5P&G

Fase B

Cera Bellina8Pg-3 beeswax, Koster Keunen
Iron Oxide Brown2Warner-Jenkinson
Titanium Dioxide8Whittaker C&D
D&C Red 63Whittaker C&D

Preparation :
  1. Phase B is heated while stirring, spread the pigment and break up the visible agglomeration.
  2. Add Phase A to Phase B, heated and stirred together under agitation.

  • Changing the concentration of wax and / or oil can soften or harden the product. This is usually done to maintain consistency when the pigment and the color changed.
  • Different pigments will affect the basic properties of gelling, this can be compensated by changing the concentration of wax and oils are used.