SLNs are made up of solid lipid, emulsifier and water/solvent.

The lipids used :
• triglycerides (tri-stearin)
• partial glycerides (Imwitor)
• fatty acids (stearic acid, palmitic acid)
• steroids (cholesterol)
• waxes (cetyl palmitate)

Various emulsifiers and their combination (Pluronic F 68, F 127) have been used to stabilize the lipid dispersion. The combination of emulsifiers might prevent particle agglomeration more efficiently. Selecting of the emulsifier is depends on the administration route with a suitable number of emulsifier suitable for parenteral administration.

The lipid matrix is made from physiological lipids which decreases the danger of acute and chronic toxicity.

Ingredients in Solid Lipid Nanoparticle (SLN) Preparation

Lipid3.33% w/v
Poloxamer 1881.2-5% w/w
Soy phosphatidyl choline95%
Cetyl palmitate10% w/w
Tego care 450 (surfactant)1.2% w/w
Polyethylene Glycol 20000.25%
Polyethylene Glycol 45000.5%
Tween 850.5%
Ethyl oleate30%
Na alginate70%
Tristearin glyceride95%
Polyethylene Glycol 4005%
Isopropyl myristate3.60%
Pluronic F 6840%
Tween 8050%