PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)
  • These are hydrophilic substances and soluble in water
  • PEGs are used alone as hydrophilic plasticizers in film coating
  • Rate of release of water soluble drugs decreases with increase in the molecular weight of PEGs.
  • The PEG with molecular weight of 6000 and above decreases plasticizing effect and increases lubricants effect
  • Migration of PEG can occur from the tablet film coating leading to interactions with core compounds.
DBS (Di-Butyl Sebacate)
  • These are esters of n-butanol and saturated dibasic acids.
  • Principally used as plasticizers in film coating.
  • For film coating as a plasticizer, DBS is used in 10-30% concentration by weight of polymer.
  • Solubility : Insoluble in water but soluble in ethanol, mineral oil, etc
  • Quite suitable for solvent based coating dispersion.

DEP (Di-Ethyl Phthalate)
  • Used both as a solvent and plasticizer
  • Non toxic, non irritant
  • DEP is used as a plasticizer in film coating of tablets, beads and granulates at a concentration of 10-30% W/W of polymers
  • Solubility : insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and organic solvents
  • It is volatile in nature
 DBP (Di-butyl phthalate)
  • Also known as kodaflex DBP
  • Solubility : Very soluble in acetone, benzene, ethanol, ether and soluble in water
  • Is principally used as a plasticizer
  • But it has limited compatibility with the cellulose acetate polymers
  • Also known as Triethyl glycerin or glycerol triacetate
  • Used as both plasticizer and a solvent
  • Its as hydrophilic plasticizers
  • This plasticizer is suitable for both aqueous and solcent based polymeric coating of tablets, granules and beads in concentration of 10-35% by weight of polymer.
  • Miscible with water as well as in ether, ethanol, choloroform , etc
 TEC (Triethyl Citrate)
  • It is a citric acid ethyl esters
  • Also known as Citroflex 2
  • Its is principally used as plasticizer
  • It is effectively used in aqueous based coating in oral sustained or enteric coated tablets
  • Miscible with water