1. Carmine
  • Carmine also called Crimson Lake, cochineal, Natural Red 4, CI 75 470, or E120.
  • Carmine obtained by extracting Carminate acid and coated with aluminum.
  • Usually used to coat the protein material, red in color.

2. Titanium Oxide (TiO2)
  • Titanium Oxide is white and can give the impression of an opaque color.
  • Titanium oxide is commonly used as opaque agent in drugs.
 3. Tartrazine (E102 or Yellow 5)
  • tartrazine is a yellow dye which is widely used in food and medicine.
  • The use of tartrazine on medical products contained in vitamins (especially vitamin C), antacids, capsules, and certain prescription drugs.
4. Quinoline yellow (E104)
  • dye substance usually used in energy drinks.
5. Chlorophyl
  • It is the green pigment contained in chloroplasts together with carotene and xantofil.
  • there are a variety of chlorophyll a, b, c and d, bacteriophyl Clorobium a and b and chlorophyll, but the most common role in food only chlorophyll a and b.