These tablets are administered by other route except for the oral cavity and so the drugs are avoided from passing through gastro intestinal tract. These tablets may be inserted into other body cavities or directly placed below the skin to be absorbed into systemic circulation from
the site of application.

Vaginal tablets
This tablet undergoes slow dissolution and drug release in vaginal cavity of women. The shape is kept ovoid or pear shaped to facilitate retention in vagina. The tablet should be made compatible with plastic tube inserters which are designed to place the tablet in the upper region of vaginal tract. These tablets generally release antibacterial, antiseptics or astringents to treat vaginal infections or release steroids for systemic absorption.

How To Use Vaginal Tablet 

 Vaginal Tablet Tool

A small tablet that is prepared for insertion under the skin (subcutaneous tieesue )by giving a small surgical cut into the skin which is stitched after the insertion of the tablet. The drug used in this preparation is usually water insoluble and the tablet provides a slow and continuous release of drug over prolonged period of time ranging from 3 to 6 months or even more. A special injector with a hollow needle and plunger is used to administer the rod shaped tablet for other shapes, surgery is required. This tablet must be sterile one.

The tablets may be pellet, cylindrical or rosette shaped with diameter not more than 8mm. They are sterile formulation without excipients and made hard with large particle size to achieve gradual drug release. The tablets are produced by a sterile single punch hand operated machine in which the die cavity is filled with hand since the material does not normally flow well.

Mainly, these tablets are prepared to deliver growth hormones to food producing animals and ear is the preferred site for administration of the drug. Contraceptive tablet is formulated as implant.