Microencapsulation Process Using Pan Coating

The pan coating process, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, is among the oldest industrial procedures for forming small, coated particles. Unlike many other microencapsulation processes, the process tends itself to great flexibility in formulation of coating. Core material may contain wide range of additive may serve to modify release properties of formulation.

Pan coating method of microencapsulation process contains two steps:
  1. Preparation of core material
  2. Coating procedure
Preparation of core material
  • For the satisfactory pan coating core particles should be of greater than 500 micron, spherical shape, adequate hardness and low friability.
  • Very few drugs satisfy these requirement hence the following approaches are used for preparation of core:
    1. Use of spherical substrate such as nonpareil sugar seeds
    2. Coating of fine powdered medicament to the large crystal of same medicament
    3. Incorporation drug into suitable matrix