Cannabis for treatment by means of smoked as a cigarette would risk respiratory tract irritation and difficulty in regulating dose. Although today there are pharmaceutical cannabis products that allow people to use marijuana without inhaled, namely marijuana in pill form that is famous for its trademark Marinol, but Marinol pills work very slowly. Marinol works with poor absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and the failure to incorporate the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory cannabinoids found in plants and cannabis extracts. In addition, the price of the products of pharmaceutical drugs in the future will be shot up uncontrollably.

Marijuana Tincture is longstanding. Marijuana tincture is an extracted marijuana which extracting by using alcohol. How to make it easy and very cheap. Marijuana Tincture contains 80 kinds of essential cannabinoids, as Marinol only contains 1 cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids such as cannibidiol (CBD) can reduce the psychoactive effects of THC while improving overall effectiveness.

Marijuana Route of Admministration 

The best way to use marijuana tinctures are sublingually. In this way, the dose or the titration can be easily controlled by counting the number of drops under the tongue where the drug can be rapidly absorbed into the arterial system and quickly enter the brain and the human body. Patient medical marijuana tinctures typically use a few drops, then wait for the desired medical effect and re-feeding if necessary. Marijuana tinctures can be fragranced to make it more palatable. Marijuana tinctures good if packaged in a dark bottle and stored in the refrigerator, containing 75% ethanol, therefore tinctures quite safe from bacteria contamination or other biological matter. Prevent plastic container because ethanol can dissolving some free vinyls inside the plastic.

Many patients want to take advantage of medical marijuana treatment but did not want to suck it like a cigarette because of health hazards or for other personal reasons. Patients like this in a wedged position. Smoke marijuana can give the effect of the active cannabinoids in seconds. Marijuana smoke containing THC is absorbed in the lungs and go directly to the brain through the general circulation in the body. The same effect can be achieved when using a vaporizer, which uses vaporized cannabis (vaporize). Consume marijuana by using a vaporizer is safer than smoking marijuana because the effects of inhaled cannabis vapor can work faster and easier for the patient to adjust the dose to just wait one or two minutes.

Cannabis used by oral or eaten absorbed in a different way than smoked or inhaled. Digestive tract gradually absorb Cannabinoids for one to two hours. Marijuana swallowed or eaten in advance by the liver, which then changed some cannabinoids such as delta 9 to delta version 11 of THC. To achieve the same effect, the oral comparison between four to ten times than smoked marijuana.

Tinctures are designed to address the problem of rapid drug delivery with a consistent dose. Most tinctures are made to be used under the tongue or sublingually. Absorption through the arterial blood supply under the tongue only takes a matter of seconds. Pharmaceutical companies in the UK are currently producing cannabis extract in the form of a spray is sprayed under the tongue in the same way as tinctures. This spray will be used in the United States with a very expensive price.

The thing to note is to not swallow tinctures. If swallowed, absorption will be in the digestive tract. Many patients add tinctures into syrup, tea or cranberry juice with the intention that the delivery is made easier. But, if tinctures used in beverages, absorption will be slower than if tinctures absorbed under the tongue. If tinctures entered into an empty stomach (hungry) will be at risk for heart and difficulties in dose titration. Usually, tinctures dose regulated by the amount of dose dropper or teaspoon. The dose usually 3-4 drops depending on the potential tinctures and condition of the patient and other factors.

Manufacturing of Marijuana Tincture for Medical Treatment 

There are two main method to make marijuana tincture : Cold and Hot. This method is optimized to achieve purity and potency tinctures, but at the end of this process will be largely determined by the purity and potency of cannabis to be made into tinctures. Marijuana to be manufactured into tincuture have to go through the selection or election of strain. Generally Indica dominant strains produced into tinctures are used to overcome the problem of cramps and muscle flexibility. While Sativa strains used to make tinctures are used to relieve pain. But the reality is often strains unknown or unrecognized. Trial and error is usually required to obtain the proper strains and accurate dosage levels.

Manufacturing Marijuana Tincture by Cold Method (recommended)

Here is a recipe to make high-quality marijuana tinctures. This method does not use heat so the cannabinoids integrity keep intact.

  1. Fill the jar with cannabis as much as ¾ of the size jar. 
  2. Fill the remaining space in the jar with alcohol and leave some empty space at the top, then stir it.
  3. Shake the jar strongly one or two times a day for 2 weeks or leave it until there is no remaining green color on material plant 
  4. Filter using metal filter used to filter yan tea or silkscreen.
  5. Use container vessel, a clean glasses (not plastic) and cap tightly. Size 1 liter jar is ideal.
  6. Roll out the cannabis herb in a blender. Finely minced but not too fine as powder.
  7. You can use the leaves, buds, or rods. Too many rod will spoil the blender and make tinctures becoming weaker. Leaves good enough to use, but if you want to produce high-potential tinctures, use flower buds. 

Fill the jar with cannabis as much as ¾ of the size of the jar, not to be appropriate. It could also just ½ to 2/3 but if the jar is filled as much as ¾, marijuana will make tinctures have full power. Pour alcohol to meet the jar. Use of alcohol with the highest levels. Leave enough room (one inch or more) at the top so that you will be able to shake the contents of the jar.

Stir these ingredients. Alcohol will be partially absorbed by the cannabis so you may need to add alcohol. Place the lid on tightly and write the label on the jar of your start date. It took two weeks for alcohol can extract all the active elements contained in cannabis.

Shake the jar once or twice a day for 2 weeks. Alcohol will rise to the top and green or dark red color will develop. After 2 weeks of aging, you can filter the tincture using a tea strainer made of metal or silk screen and then save it into small bottle with dropper. You can store the rest in a closed tube. Tinctures will increasingly aging and becomes soft in taste and you can use it at a later time. Alcohol is a strong preservative that can save something for a long time. Be careful when handling tinctures. Use dish soap anti-bacterial type of citrus to clean glass, metal or other ceramic equipment.